Group Classes

The concept behind More Than A Gym’s group classes is to have children with developmental delays and with various abilities participate in the same activities that their peers and siblings normally perform, but adapted for its children to have fun, build self-confidence and be successful. The initial assessment “play” session will establish the group, class and teacher-to-student ratio that will work best for your child. This strategic grouping of kids encourages greater “play” during tasks and communication naturally evolves, as do their motor skills.

Current classes include:

Infant Massage

Fosters nurturing touch right off the bat. The list of benefits for massage goes on and on, including: bonding, relaxation, improves sleep, facilitates body awareness, boosts immune system, sensory stimulation, improves blood circulation and skin condition, helps digestions, balances respiration, relieves teething pains, helps eliminate wastes, builds self-esteem, stimulates production of oxytocin (hormone responsible for pain relief and has calming effect), improves muscle tone and strength, and is an overall pleasurable experience. This is the perfect first step to get your new baby ready for success.


This motor development group is all about achieving age appropriate milestones with some fostering cues and encouragement to push our little ones in the right direction. From rolling to sitting up, crawling to pulling to stand, walking to running, and jumping to hopping, we want to see our kids accomplish these big initial milestones successfully.

Adaptive Yoga

This is an important tool used to build self-esteem, self-awareness and build the mind and body during children’s most formative years. There are countless benefits for children’s yoga, including: promoting overall movement, balance, coordination and agility, stimulates the mind to increase focus, attention and concentration, improves strength and flexibility which can be carried over to other sporting activities, relieves stress, calms, increases self-confidence, and improves performance in school work.

General Conditioning & Sports Training

The goal of this class is to get kids up and moving in a structured environment. We incorporate movement, pacing and negotiating various pieces of equipment as a team in order to be successful. Soccer, basketball, baseball/ t-ball, football, volleyball, bowling, golf, etc. We work on strengthening, endurance training and learning the foundations of each sport in order to enjoy spirited team play. Having positive models in a fun environment push our children further, allowing them to rise and perform at their personal best and encourages communication.

Adaptive Dance

This is a fun adaptive dance group class, which allows kids to be themselves, have fun and learn various dance styles and routines to keep their bodies and minds stimulated. Dance combines music and movement to be the ultimate form of expression. It also utilizes both sides of our brains, encouraging cross-over and cognitive growth.

Martial Arts

A great total body workout adapted for our kids. Karate requires discipline and focus using the mind, body and soul. It also promotes flexibility, strengthening and interaction with peers. Karate works on developing ones self-control and concentration, while exercising and having fun. Respect and behavior improvements have also been documented/ published in studies on children that regularly participate in karate.

Music Therapy

Stimulate speech development and communication skills, express emotions, develop a sense of rhythm and provide opportunity for physical, cognitive and motor development, while having a good time listening and creating beautiful sounds. Music has an incredible power to open our minds and hearts to allow information and sensitivity to enter.

Art Therapy

This is a fun and exciting class that promotes self-exploration, leading to some insightful conclusions about yourselves. It is a great way for children to express themselves, especially when they are limited in expressive language skills. Art is a form of communication and its effects have been proven to result in a general sense of relief and overall better mental health.

Sensory Socialization Group

This group will provide children with an opportunity to develop a more mature sensory system through fun sensory activities. The sensory system helps children regulate themselves in response to the environment and others. Children will learn through activities that provide tactile (touch), vestibular (positional), visual motor and fine motor components. Socialization is also an emphasis, while learning personal space, turn-taking, and working together in order to establish friendships through various activities and games.

Siblings Class

It can sometimes be difficult for siblings to connect, especially when they may not be on the same playing field or when communication is a challenge. This is the perfect class to allow siblings to play games and work together to accomplish goals and overcome obstacles. This class is customized to suit the needs of its group and allow for fun and safe interactions.

Young Adult Aerobics

We all know that as we begin to get a little older, it becomes more difficult to find the time for aerobic exercise. This class is all about moving and grooving with friends in a fun environment, while promoting more toned bodies and improved overall health. This improves the way we look and feel about ourselves.

We provide services through Nassau, Suffolk & Queens Early Intervention and CSE, Nassau County CPSE, private insurance and private pay.

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