Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Yes we do! We are out-of-network providers for all private insurance companies. If you do not have out-of-network benefits, it does not mean that the services may not be covered. Call to speak to our billing department.

How else can services be covered?

We accept EI cases through Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties, CPSE cases through Nassau and Suffolk Counties, CSE through many surrounding school districts, private insurance and private pay (flexible spending accepted as well).

Are group classes reimbursable?

Yes! They are also reimbursable by insurance and Early Intervention. Self-direction also covers our group classes. If private pay is the only option for you, More Than A Gym has a monthly membership package that will keep the cost affordable.

How do I decide if individual or group sessions are best for my child?

Each child will undergo an initial evaluation by a licensed and dedicated Physical, Occupational, and/or Speech Therapist. The professional will then make a recommendation of individual and/or group therapy sessions, as well as frequency of visits, in order to best suit each child’s individual and unique needs. This is an important prescription for therapy services and requires the commitment and support of parents, in order for optimal benefit of the children.

Does More Than A Gym have a sensory gym?

Yes! We pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art, constantly adapting sensory gym. The gym is constantly changing so that equipment does not become permanent fixtures and predictable. We utilize different tools for each child to customize their experience and best target their needs.

Is More Than A Gym open during school breaks?

Yes! CPSE cases cannot be seen during school breaks unless written into their IEP. However, private insurance and private pay clients can be seen during school breaks to ensure that they do not regress during the many school holidays and breaks. We are also open on weekends to accommodate all schedules.

Can my child’s other therapists/ teams of professionals contact my More Than A Gym Therapist or vice versa?

Yes! We provide services from medical, community, home and school-based approaches. Therefore, it is crucial for us to constantly have communication with your child’s other medical, professional, and caregiver personnel in order to ensure carry-over to achieve their goals on all levels.

How am I a part of my child’s session?

More Than A Gym is equipped with HD cameras in the sensory motor gym, which parents can view on the television in the waiting area in order to see exactly what your child is working on. At the end of each session, the therapist will speak to the parent/ caregiver about the sessions, answer any questions and provide suggestions to carry-over activities at home. We are also always available by phone for additional information. Some of our group classes, such as adaptive yoga, also have the option for parents to actively participate in the class as well.

What are More Than A Gym’s hours?

We’re open 7 days/week:
Monday – Friday 9AM to 6:30PM
Saturday 10AM to 4PM
Sunday 9AM to 3PM

We provide services through Nassau, Suffolk & Queens Early Intervention and CSE, Nassau and Suffolk CPSE, private insurance and private pay.

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