The Scope of Pediatric Physical Therapy Practice…

Nov 16, 2015

As top therapists in our respective physical, occupational and speech therapy fields, it is crucial to stay up to date on the latest research and treatment strategies. It is equally important to share our resources with our community.
This is an interesting article published earlier this year…

The Scope of Pediatric Physical Therapy Practice in Health Promotion and Fitness for Youth With Disabilities
Rowland, Jennifer L. PT, PhD, MPH, et al.
Pediatric Physical Therapy:
Spring 2015 – Volume 27 – Issue 1 – p 2-15

In summary: Pediatric therapists should incorporate health promotion and fitness strategies into practice, because they are in a unique position to provide expertise in the design and implementation of these programs for youth with disabilities. These programs are important to promote active, healthy lifestyles and reduce comorbidities associated with sedentary behaviors and unhealthy weight, which are often seen in youth with disabilities.

Health and fitness promotion is a foundation of More Than A Gym’s group classes (in addition to making developmental gains and encouraging socialization peers). It is also constantly stressed during one-to-one therapy sessions.

There is also a lot of literature to support that increased physical activity improves cognitive development and attention, as well as mood and behavior. So, the take home message here is to get our kids healthy, happy, up and moving! Feel free to contact More Than A Gym for suggestions and activities to accomplish these goals.